— Aquatics

Client: Paradox Interactive

We were given the opportunity to produce the cinematic trailer for Stellaris species pack: Aquatics! Stellaris is an epic, space strategy game from developers Paradox Interactive. The project included script, 3D cinematic, sound-design and Key-Art. The cinematic were followed up by us producing the trailer for the very much appreciated “Sea Shanty” gamecapture-trailer in the same campaign; Stellaris: Aquatics species pack. 

Skeleton in desert for Stellaris Cinematic. Magoo Gaming Cinematics
Magoo Gaming production of underwater scene for Stellaris Aquatic.
Stellaris Space design, made by Magoo Gaming Design.
Stellaris Poster for Paradox interactive. Magoo Gaming
Stellaris Aquatics Gaming Key art, Design by Magoo Gaming.


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