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Client: Philips

To promote their 21:9 TV, Philips wanted to own the world of cinema. What we created was a website that housed a bad ass, visually stunning movie that worked as a continual looping tracking shot that had so much detail, you wanted to watch it over and over again. Voted best commercial of the decade in Adweek.

VFX - Visual Effects
VFX - Philips Carousel.
Vfx - Short format.
VFX shots of mussle flashes.
VFX musle flashes. VFX Shot
VFX. Production Studio.
VFX commercials. VFX shot.
VFX - Visual effects.


Client: Philips

Agency: Tribal DDB, Amsterdam
Production Company: Stink Digital
Director: Adam Berg
Post Production & VFX: Redrum & Magoo


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