— Idol

Client: TV4

Directing TV graphics Billboards for Idol can be hard work, but hard work often pays off. This is a super designy piece of art directed, shot and post produced by Magoo Film production. Often we mix in some of our best talents into these projects and work for a long time, meticulously managed by our most senior producers and creative directors. Added into the mix is some great animations.

Cool dude on green background. Billboard production company. Magoo Film
Pink background for Idol Billboard by Magoo Film Production company.
Cloetta Plopp 3d package for Idol Billboard, TV4. Film production company Magoo Film
Cool young girl in design shot for TV4 Idol Billboard. Magoo Film Production.
Max Burgers in design shot on pink background for Idol Billboard. Magoo Film Production.
Cool youngsters in TV4 Idol Billboard. Production Company Magoo Film Production
OLW Cheez doodles in a 3d packshot for Billboard. Magoo Film Production. Technical Live action shoot.
PARTY Girl in design shot. Magoo Film


Client: TV4

Production Company: Magoo
Creative Director: Martin Larsson
Producer: Henrik Jernberg
DOP: Joakim Törnquist


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