— Signature Film

Client: Iggesund Paperboard

Working with reaslistic CG and animation, and adding paperboard art to the mix, this piece became something quite different. Our directors team worked on getting close to the core of the Iggesund Business to tell the Signature story of the company and their products. The 3d aninmations and renderings all came out very well and made a well designed film to be proud of.

Animated plants growing in animated soil. 3d animation by Magoo Animation
Pine tree plant in 3d. Animated Pine tree plant growing. Production company Magoo Animation
Pine tree branch in 3d. Animated for film by Magoo Animation.
Paperboard flower floating in water, animated film for commercial. Production company Magoo Animation
Design Paperboard, animated film with CG paperboard. 3d Design Animation Company - Magoo Animation
CG wood, 3d animation of forest for a commercial. Production company Magoo Animation


Client: Iggesund Paperboard

Production Company: Magoo
Creative Directors: Andreas Östlund, Jonas Hoppare
Producer: Henrik Jernberg
Music: Magnus Frykberg


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