— Overlord

Client: Paradox Interactive

Paradox reached out and asked us to create the marketing campaign for Overlord, the latest expansion to the Stellaris base game. As we take great pride in finding a good balance between storytelling and stunning visuals, we leaned steady on the marketing beats set for the expansion, while creating a concept and writing a storyline that stretched over all three trailers of the campaign. The project included Concept,  Scripts,  Storyboards, Production, Key-Art, Logo design and Digital units. Mixed techniques for creating movement in 2d. It was great fun!

Space, spacecrafts in game capture for Gaming Cinematics. Magoo Gaming.
Space creatures from Stellaris Overloard. Magoo Gaming does great Game Capture.
2d Character animations by Magoo Gaming. Gaming Cinematics by Magoo Gaming
Stellaris Overlaord - Game capture, production by Magoo Gaming Capture
Stellaris Overlord Space Cinematic. Magoo Gaming Cinematics.
Magoo Gaming Capture team, still from Stellaris Overloard. Magoo Gaming.


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