Selmas Saga
— Julkalendern 2016

Client: SVT

For the project Selmas Saga we managed the full post production with post production producing, preparation, design, VFX supervision, VFX, online, grading, online screening and delivery. Selmas saga is a 24 episode series for SVT that in total is 5,5 hours of film. 


Selmas Saga - Logo Animation.
VFX shot, Selmas Saga. Selma sees the light.
VFX cg ship full post production.
Map comes to life. Map lighting effects VFX. Series VFX and 3d animation effects.
VFX miniature shot. Post Production TV series.
VFX close up lighting. VFX production company. Post Production company Stockholm.
VFX - 3d animated snow. Selmas Saga, Tomteporten. TV series Selmas Saga.
CG Skies. 3d animated clouds. Particle animation.
Magic book opening. Selmas saga, TV series. VFX. Post Production.


Production Company: Nordisk Film TV
VFX: Magoo
Directors: Per Simonsson & Stefan Roos
Producer: Helena Larand


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