Mary Kay launches their new facial oil in the Youthfinity product range.

Mary Kay launches the Youthfinity Facial Oil.

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Youthfinity Facial Oil for Mary Kay

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A 24K golden storm merges with the essence from the never falling rose to create the pure liquid of the Youthfinity facial oil. This full cg commercial made for Mary Kay is driven by elegant and dramatic shots. We witness the birth, the magical transformation, the distillation process through the alchemist’s glass. Culminating in the reveal of the product. This came to be the video to launch Mary Kay’s new facial oil addition to the premium skin care Youthfinity range.

We started the project with going over the storyboards with We Are Plus and Jens. He then went on to design the first styleframes and Magoo started the R&D process for the rose. We had to build a cg rose with very odd qualities. The petal veins had to react in a magical manner to the gold liquid. In the storyboards there was a sequence where the liquid gold merge with some inner, magical light/particles from a rose. The discussion in our earlier meetings went in a direction of wanting to have a pulsating light eminating from the center of each rose, sweeping through its veins in a elegant fashion whilst releasing fine particles. Each rose should start their pulse with a slight delay from the next so we achieve a traveling delay feel for this effect.

We ended up building a particle system setup for this in 3dsmax’s PFlow, not without using some Box#3 data operators. This allowed us to emit particles from the veins in the correct timing. Another tool was built for setting up the vein animations. In this tool we could set the start frames and how much delay each rose should have from the next.

As for the liquid we decieded to go the Houdini route. Importing pre-animated petals from 3dsmax on which we dropped the liquid. Houdini enabled us to controll the forces via Python which proved great when working with pre-animated colliders.

After the simulation and meshing steps where done we exported and imported the liquids back into Max for shading and rendering.

We rendered the whole animation in V-Ray for 3dsmax, working in ACES color space. Compositing was all done in NUKE, also in ACES color space.

Collaborating with We Are Plus and director Jens Mebes we produced and delivered a one minute commercial (or promo video) and a set of 7 prints.

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Client – Mary Kay
Animation – Magoo
Creative Agency – Plus
Creative Director – Jeremy Hollister
Art Director/Designer – Jens Mebes
Producers – Rachel Mills/ Lulu Ward

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