3d backgrund - Animation and commercials by Magoo

US exhibition | Engcon

The world's safest quick hitch. The world's safest quick hitch. US exhibition for Engcon Q-safe is engcon's newly-developed quick hitch lock for excavators. It makes the operator's work easier and the…

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Atlas Copco, Die Grinders, Magoo Animation, Magoo, 3d animated Hand

Die Grinders | Atlas Copco

A truly great grinder series that lets you grind on and on and on and on. A truly great grinder series. Die grinders for Atlas Copco Showing the selling points in a modern and stylish way was what Atl…

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Magoo - 3d design, 3d image, Animation, Forest, Iggesund Paperboard, Signature film

Signature Film | Iggesund

Nature gives us alot of things, including paperboard. Nature gives us paperboard. Signature Film for Iggesund Paperboard Focusing on emotions and visuals to convey the essence of Iggesund Paperboard i…

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Produktvisualisering, Animation, företagsfilm Magoo - hissmotor.

Nanospace | Kone

Replace your old and cramped elevator with this beauty from Kone. Replace your old and cramped elevator with this beauty from Kone. Nanospace for Kone Importing alot of 3d-data and customizing it to b…

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Animated marketing material, Zepro, Hiab, Lift, truckmounted, Cargotec - Magoo

Sales Material | Cargotec

Someone at our office is now an expert on quality tail lifts. We are experts on quality tail lifts. Sales material for Cargotec We helped Cargotec develop an environment and style for making their pro…

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City animated by Magoo - 3d animation, 3d Design, Kone, Elevator movie

UltraRope | Kone

How high can you run an elevator? How high can you run an elevator? UltraRope for Kone For Kone we worked together with B-reel and Hasan & Partners to develop a package for their big release of th…

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Live Action and visual effects commercial, Milo VFX Supervision, Fedex, Solutions that matter

Solutions That Matter | FedEx

Retracing steps through a frozen world with multiple character instances. A frozen world with multiple character instances. Solutions That Matter for FedEx B-Reel contacted us and soon we had been int…

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VFX - Live Action, 3d animation, 3d Design, Commercial, VW phaeton, VFX, Dresten

Phaeton | Volkswagen

The ultimate digital experience - VW Phaeton. The ultimate digital experience. Phaeton for Volkswagen A truly technical shoot and a lot of crazy VFX drives this digital experience made together with B…

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3d bild på spruta innehållande medicin mot blödatsjuka - Produktionsbolag Magoo

Xyntha | Pfizer

Preparation with all-in-one reconstitution. Preparation with all-in-one reconstitution. Xyntha for Pfizer Being a Hemophilia A patient means that you have to be careful. Hurting yourself and starting …

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