Timewise 5x | Mary Kay

Age defying actions. Age defying actions. Timewise 5x for Mary Kay Once again we worked with our friends at We are Plus to create a spot for Mary Kay. This time around for their Timewise 5X product ra…

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Kockarnas Kamp 2019 | Tv4

Yummy split screens and a lot of whisking. Yummy split screens and a lot of whisking. Billboard for Kockarnas Kamp 2019 Billboard for Kockarnas kamp which is a cooking show where eight of Sweden’s mos…

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Expeditionen | Tv4

6119 meters above sea level. 6119 meters above sea level. Billboard for Expeditionen This is a full cg billboard for the first season of the new show Expeditionen on Swedish TV4. A reality show advent…

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Idol 2019 | Tv4

Dancing in the neon light. Dancing in the neon light. Idol 2019 Billboard for Tv4 For the third consecutive year we have made the sponsor billboard for Swedish Idol. This time it´s all about neon grap…

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Commercial Director Magoo

Ladder | Soraa

Natural Lighting - taken indoors. Natural Lighting - taken indoors. Soraa lightbulbs - Commercial Crappy lighting can destroy even the best creative idea. When the agency reached out about directing a…

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VFX - Live Action, 3d animation, 3d Design, Commercial, VW phaeton, VFX, Dresten

Phaeton | Volkswagen

The ultimate digital experience - VW Phaeton. The ultimate digital experience. Phaeton for Volkswagen A truly technical shoot and a lot of crazy VFX drives this digital experience made together with B…

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